Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where is Camp Twelve Trails located?  +

Camp Twelve Trails is located on the Henry Kauffman Campgrounds in Pearl River, NY.

2. How do Campers get to and from camp each day?  +

Campers travel on one of our air conditioned buses to and from Camp each day. We offer over 30 unique stops throughout Upper Manhattan, the bronx and Westchester. All of our buses are fully staffed and include a Bus Supervisor.

3. Will my child have a group? +

Yes, your child will have a group made of up other campers their age. Groups typically have 12 campers and 2-3 staff members. Children in Grades 3-6 are grouped together based on their Neighborhood choice for that week.

4. Can my child be with his/her friend?  +

Yes, when you register please make sure to add the first and last name of your camper's friend. We will try our best to accomodate all requests, space permitting. Groups for Grades 3-6 are based on Campers Neighborhood choice. If your child and his/her friend choose the same neighborhood, and are in the same grade, they can be in the same group. Otherwise, they can see each other on the bus, at all-camp gatherings, or during club periods.

5. What are neighborhoods?  +

Neighborhoods are one of the things that make Camp Twelve Trails so special. Campers in our Pioneer Divison (Grades K-2) will have a full camp schedule with activities across all Neighborhoods. This allows younger campers to experience a range of activities and empowers them to make informed program choices when they return each year. Campers in our Trailblazer Division, Grades 3-6 select a Neighborhood that offers them specialized programming. Half the day is spent immersed in the Neighborhood activities, while the rest of the day is spent enjoying traditional camp offerings including instructional and recreational swimming. Campers can focus on one Neighborhood the whole summer or mix it up each week and try a little of everything.

6. If my child doesn’t like the neighborhood chosen, can he/she change it? +

For Campers entering Grades 3-6, you will be able to choose a neighborhood for each week upon registration. It can be the same the entire time or different each week. If your child is interested in changing their neighborhood choice once camp has begun please make the request to their Unit supervisor as soon as possible. Changes are space permitting and must be requested by Thursday 12pm the week prior.

7. Can my child repeat a neighborhood? +

As often as he/she likes. Activities/projects within neighborhoods change and evolve throughout the summer. It is important your child choose a neighborhood they enjoy!

8. Does the whole camp gather together in the morning and afternoon? +

Our divisions gather together for a Morning Meeting each day called Boker Tov. During Boker Tov we review important annoucments and celebrations for that day.

9. How often will campers swim? +

Campers swim twice a day; one instructional and one recreational period. Campers in our Teen Adventures Division will swim twice a day when at Camp but may not have swim on trip days.

10. What is lunch time like?  +

Lunch is eaten in Camper groups, typically in or near their Unit Shelter. Campers must bring their own lunch and we ask that lunches are kosher style, meaning no mixing of milk and meat, no pork products and no shellfish. Camp is also peanut free so no products containing peanuts are permitted at camp.

11. Will Campers have an elective period ? +

Campers are offered a 40 minute Club period each day after lunch. Pioneer Campers (Grades K-2) will choose an activity for the entire week. Trailblazer Campers (Grades 3-6) will choose a different club activity each day. Activities will include an array of options across all neighborhoods.

12. Who are the counselors?  +

Many of our counselors work in our After School and other Year round JCC/Y programs. The staff is comprised of enthusiastic young proffesionals who exhibit care and compassion.

13. Who teaches the activities?  +

Our activities are taught by specialists who are skilled in their field. Each specialist is carefully selected for their expertise and experience with children.

14. What are the hours of Camp?  +

Campers are picked up between 8:00-8:30 am and dropped off between 4:45-5:30 pm.

15. Do you offer extended hours?  +

Each of our affiliated agencies offers extended coverage. Hours vary.

16. Do I have to be a member of the Riverdale Y, JCC on the Hudson or Washington Heights Y to attend Camp? +

No, you do not have to be a member of one of our Agencies to come to camp. However families that have a current membership receive discounts off of tuition.

17. Is Camp Twelve Trails religious? +

Our Camp is rooted in Jewish Values that we promote throughout the summer. The values include welcoming guests, caring for our bodies, being keepers of the earth, love learning and pursuit of knowledge, value rest and reflection (shabbat). Each Friday we come together as a camp and celebrate Shabbat in a fun, camp-appropriate manner, with song. We enjoy challah and reflecting on our week.

18. Are Non-Jewish campers welcome?  +

Of course! We embrace all campers — it’s our first value.

19. Are there payment plans?  +

We offer many different payment plans. The earlier you register the more spread out payments can be.

20. Do you offer financial aid? +

Yes, limited financial assistance is available for participation in programs. When registering for camp, the financial aid application will be made available to you through our registration system.




Your children will be in good hands and with people they may already know. Many of our staff have worked in the after-school programs at one of our member agencies. All our staff members receive safety training before summer starts and more than 50% of the staff is CPR and First Aid certified.

At the pools, lifeguards keep a watchful eye on everyone, from the tadpoles to the dolphins. We have two infirmaries, staffed by EMTs and nurses, to deal with the troubles that come up when kids are having fun outdoors, from bug bites to tummy aches. For more serious accidents or illnesses, the Shoreline Emergency Medical Clinic is only five minutes away, and the nearest hospital is just 20 minutes away.






No worry about whether your camper will like the food. Each child brings lunch from home. The lunches are refrigerated so you can confidently send anything your child loves. Because we are Kosher-style, please do not send pork, shellfish or milk-and-meat combinations.


We provide healthy morning and afternoon snacks of fruit, vegetables, cereal bars, pretzels, but these snacks do not replace breakfast or lunch. Please note that our camp is peanut free.


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